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How do you find a lawyer to handle your immigration case in Quebec's largest city?  How do you decide which one to use?  What is the difference between a immigration lawyer / a immigration consultant / a relocation specialist?

For help with your:  Independent Skilled Worker Applications | Intracompany transfer work permits | Temporary NAFTA work permit | deciding on Investor vs Entrepreneur Category | Appeal of Immigration Refugee Board decision | Family Sponsorship | Student study permit | etc. consider the lawyers listed below.

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Mary Keyork, LLM, Montreal & Toronto offices canada citizenship, immigration, appeals & refugee lawyer fluent in French, English, Armenian and  Spanis - CLICK TO for more information

Serves clients in:
· French
· English
· Armenian
· Spanish

4485 St-Denis, Suite 212
Montreal, QC,
Canada H2J 2L2
Phone:  514-664-1227    Toll-free:  1-855-281-5500

Web site:

  • ALBERT BELLEMARE, Advocat / Attorney
    Albert Bellemare, has more than 20 years experience in Canada Immigration Law and "... He has litigated and appeared before several courts such as the Federal Court of Canada, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Appeal court of Quebec and the Supreme Court of Canada.": [quote fr. website 2012.01.07]
    Bellemare & Vinet Attorneys
    485 McGill Street, Suite 402
    Montréal, Québec
    H2Y 2H4, 
    Phone:  514.508.6098 or 514.843.9525
    Web site:
    Canada Immigration Lawyer
    David Cohen has over 35 years experience assisting people immigrating to Canada. Go to his website fore more information.
    Head Office & Mailing Address
    Campbell Cohen Law Firm
    1980 Sherbrooke Street West,
    Suite 800
    Montreal, QC, Canada
    H3H 1E8

    Telephone:  1.514.937.9445
    Toll-free in USA and Canada:  1-888-947-9445
    Email address:
    Web site:

    Canada Immigration Lawyer

    "...specializes in corporate immigration law, helping companies obtain temporary work permits and permanent residency visas for executives, professionals and specialized employees. Her practice focuses mainly on confirmation exemptions under the NAFTA, the CCFTA, the GATS and Canadian legislation, allowing fast-track approval procedures for employees transferred from overseas, certain professionals or other experts and strategic employees. She also counsels clients on other aspects of international mobility such as work permits for spouses, eligibility for English instruction in Québec and customs matters...."[quote fr. [update link 2012.01.07 ]

    Montréal Office
    Stock Exchange Tower
    P.O. Box 242, Suite 3400
    800 Place Victoria
    Montréal, Québec
    Canada H4Z 1E9
    Tel:   514.397.7625


Avocats · Barristers · Solicitors
Barreaux/Bar:  Québec et/and Ontario

Law Firm Specializing in Canadian Immigration Law Services

Website languages:  Français -|- English -|- Español  -|

Gomberg Dalfen
281, rue de la Commune Ouest
Montréal, Quebec
Canada  H2Y 2E1
Tel:  514.845.0991


photo of Mary Keyork being interviewd by Hay Horizon, Tamar chahinian, in Montreal in 2014 - on Youtube - in French / en franç about what a immigration lawyer can do for applicants and appelas - click to Youtube

Mary Keyork, immigration lawyer has interview by Hay Horizon (Tamar Chahinian) en fraçais about her work as a Canada Immigration Lawyer. 
· Click to YouTube
· Click to her web site

test of new Keyork logo photo of Mary Keyork, immigration lawyer with offices in Toronto and Montreal, practice with experience in complex application appeals and reviews

Immigration · Citizenship · Applications · Appeals
Fluent: English, French, Armenian & Spanish

Montreal & Toronto Offices
Toll Free:  1.855.281.5500

  • BARBARA J. LEITER, Attorney/Advocate
    Barreaux du Québec et de l'État de New York
    Quebec and New York State Bar

    Immigration to Canada and U.S.
    "Why choose us?" go to for more information.
    Head Office
    4473 St. Catherine West
    Montreal, Quebecv Canada, H37 1R6
    Phone:  (514) 395-2010

  • GAD PARIENTÉ Immigration Lawyer
    provides Legal Immigration assistance with Canada Immigration, Spouse Sponsorship, Canadian Visas & Appeals.  For Top Canada Immigration Lawyers Service!"

    83 St. Paul West
    CANADA,  H2Y 1Z1
    Telephone:  (514) 961-6222
    Toll Free:  1.888.935.6226
    Web site - in English:
    Web site - in French:  :

    "At Primus, we take pride in representing only two immigration classes: The Economic Class (professional/skilled workers, government approved immigrant investor program, entrepreneurs and self-employed) and the Family Class (Canadian permanent residents or citizens wishing to sponsor a relative for permanent residence in Canada)"  Primus is led by attorney Isabel J. De Oliveira who has over 21 years experience with Canada and Quebec immigration law. [quote; 2012.01.07]

    Head Office
    Primus Immigration Experts Inc.
    2006 Amherst, Montreal,
    Quebec H2L 3L8, Canada.
    Tel: 514 288 3886

    Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc.
    "...Our Canada based Law Firm is staffed with more than 25 licensed lawyers, licensed immigration consultants and technical personnel, and represents international celebrities in the fashion industry and performing arts as well as some of North America's largest corporations in their immigration and staffing projects.  We are frequently engaged by Canadian and USA based companies to provide immigration consulting services as well as search consulting and professional recruitment of technical and executive personnel."
    "In 1994, Colin Singer became Canada’s first attorney to establish an internet presence.  His opinions on Canadian government policy are frequently published.  The law practice focuses on economic class and business immigration." [quote from website 2015.09.21 e.html]
    Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc.
    4999 Ste-Catherine St. W, Suite 515
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3Z 1T3
    Phone:  (514) 487-2011
    Toll Free:  (888) 817-2011
    Web site in Freanch:

  • MS. CHRISTINE VINET, Advocat / Attorney
    "...Her practice has been focused solely in immigration since 1987 from which she acquired a vast experience in all immigration sectors as well at the provincial level as at the federal level.
    She has successfully represented clients from different continents and countries such as Algeria, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and from several South American countries.  She has performed several business trips throughout the world. She speaks French, English and Spanish." [quote fr. website 2012.01.07 ]

    Bellemare & Vinet Attorneys
    485 McGill Street, Suite 402
    Montréal, Québec
    H2Y 2H4, 
    Phone:  514.508.6098 or 514.843.9525
    Web site:

V A N C O U V E R    B C    I M M I G R A T I O N  

If you are looking for a Canadian Immigration Law Firm for Lawyers and Registered Canada Immigration Consultants, in Vancouver, BC - consider Jeffrey Lowe, immigration & business lawyer and his team of lawyersw and Certified Immigration Consultants.

Vancouver immigation lawyer Jeffrey Lowe, able to chat with the Honorable Christopher Alexander, Minister of  Canada Immigration & Citizenship, Government of Canada, at a 2014  meeting in Vancouver, BC

LOWE, Jeffery S. B.Com., LL.B.
Lowe and Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7
Tel: 604 875-9338

2 lawyers and 3 certified immigration consultants with Lowe & Company in Vancouver, BC - CLICK TO Lowe & Co. lawyers and staff speak: English, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, and Chinese Teo Chiu. and Japanese - We have served clients from over 65 countries over the past 25 years.

Barreau du Québec [Quebec Bar Association]

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Immigration to Québec - Official Site of Provincial Government of Quebec

"Why Chose Québec?"
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Relations avec les citoyens et immigration

"Living in Québec means living in a democratic francophone society offering many advantages: a low cost of living, accessible education and health services, spacious and affordable housing, a secure living environment, and an environment full of attractions and abundant space. " [quote fr. website 2004.03.16

click to web site for Mary Keyork, Toronto and Montreal immigration lawyer experienced with appeals, reviews of applications, and refugee work Photo of Mary Keyork

Immigration · Citizenship · Applications · Appeals
Montreal & Toronto Offices
Toll Free:  1.855.281.5500
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Mark Keyork, fluent in French, Armenian, and some Spanish , experienced immigration, citizenship & refugee lawyer offices in Toronto and Montreal

Mary Keyork, LL.B., LL.M.,
Barrister   Solicitor,
Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee Lawyer,
Canadian Immigration Alliance

Mary is fluent in English, French and Armenian and has conversational abilities in Spanish.

Mary Keyork holds a degree in Civil Law from the University of Montreal and a Masters in Transnational Law and Common Law from the University of Sherbrooke.

Mary handles immigration applications in all categories and has appeared before all three Divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board as well as at the Federal Court of Canada, successfully representing clients in complex immigration applications and hearings.

Mary has a diverse background of related international experiences, including internships at the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland and at the Armenian Parliament for the United States Agency of International Development (USAID) in Yerevan, Armenia.

She also served a three year term as a Board Member of the Kasa de Kamu, a help center for young females in Peru and is currently Treasurer of the Armenian Family Support Services, a non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide emergency support, settlement and referral services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mary Keyork, LLM,  click to  web site for Mary Keyork, Toronto and Montreal immigration lawyer experienced with citizenship, immigration, appeals, reviews of applications, and refugee work with  Montreal & Toronto offices   lawyer fluent in French, English, Armenian and Apanish-- CLICK TO WEBSITE WWW.IMMIGRATION-TO-CANADA.COM

Mary is currently a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Ontario Bar Association and the Armenian Bar Association.

Mary is fluent in English, French and Armenian and has conversational abilities in Spanish.

Mary Keyork, LL.B., LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor
Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee Lawyer

4485 St-Denis, Suite 212
Montreal, QC,
Canada H2J 2L2
Montreal phone:  514-664-1227
Toll-free:  1-855-281-5500

5000 Yonge Street, Suite 1901
Toronto, ON, Canada M2N 7E9
Telephone 416-479-3632
Toll-free  1-855-281-5500
Fax 1-800-450-8641
Skype marykeyorklawoffice


Canadian Lawyers - Exemplars of Practice Profiles

Jeffery S. Lowe, Canada Immigration & Business Lawyer, Vancouver BC

photo Jeffrey Lowe in office overlooking False Creek in Vancouver

Jeffery S. Lowe heads the Business Immigrant Team and the Global HR Team of Lowe & Company.  This firm has helped individuals and businesses in over 65 countries immigrate, do business and handle their intracompany transfer needs e.g. through NAFTA work permits and visas to Canada.

The Company's Business Immigrant Team has brought many Business Immigrants [using the Immigrant Investor & Immigrant Entrepreneur classes] to Canada from Asia, North America, and the Middle East. 

The Company's Global HR Team assists Canadian and Multinational companies to bring in foreign workers and executive transferees to Canada [using Temporary Work Permits e.g. through international NAFTA and GATT provisions for intracompany transfers]

Professional Courses and Papers

Jeffrey has taught courses on Canada's Immigration Law to lawyers, Canada immigration officials, and Immigration consultants, both in Canada and abroad, since 1990.  These have included:

  • Overview of Canadian Investor Immigrant Program: Washington State Bar Association: 1990
  • Canada Business Immigration Law: B.C. Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1994
  • Canada Business Immigration from the People's Republic of China: BC Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1994
  • Canada Business Immigration for non-Immigration Lawyers: BC Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1998
  • Canada Investor Immigration Update: Immigration Lawyers Subsection, Canadian Bar Association, 1998
  • Proposed Immigration Regulations Change Provisions For Foreign Religious and Charitable Workers: Canadian Council of Christian Charities, April 2002

Visit for a wealth of information about Canada's Citizenship and Immigration programs in English and 中  文 Chinese.

2 lawyers and 3 certified immigration consultants with Lowe & Company in Vancouver, BC - CLICK TO

Jeffery and his team of lawyers and Certified Canada Immigration Consultants-Representatives and relocation specialists are fluent in:  English, 中  文 Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, and Teo Chiu Chinese and Japanese

Jeffery and his team of lawyers, notary public and Certified Canada Immigration representatives and relocation specialists are fluent in:  English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Teo Chiu Chinese, and Japanese.

Jeffrey S. Lowe
barrister & solicitor

Lowe and Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
phone: 604-875-9338 fax: (604) 875-1325

This page is in part sponsored by Lowe & Company as a public service for people looking for immigration lawyers and services in the Vancouver area.